Film Review: LOVE AT FIRST CHILD (ANGE ET GABRIELLE) (France 2015) ***

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LOVE AT FIRST CHILD.jpgGabriell is a single mother, her 17-year-old daughter Claire is pregnant, however the child’s father Simon has no desire to be involved with his future baby.

Director: Anne Giafferi
Writers: Anne Giafferi (dialogue), Anne Giafferi (screenplay)
Stars: Isabelle Carré, Patrick Bruel, Alice de Lencquesaing

Review by Gilbert Seah
The English title tells it all. LOVE AT FIRST CHILD is a French romantic comedy of a couple that falls in love as a result of a baby. But the baby are not theirs but their kids’. This film seems ideal for a Hollywood remake as follows the line of many French comedies. The screenplay by Anne Giafferi and Anne Le Niy is based on a play by Murielle Magellan.

The film begins with a semi-hysterical woman, Gabrielle (Isabelle Carre) barging into the office of Womanizer Ange (singer…

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