THRILLER TV PILOT of the Day: THE GLITCH, by Greg Wessman

Thriller/Suspense Film and Writing Festival


Written by: Greg Wessman


Genre: Sci-fi, Action, Thriller

LOGLINE: Imagine you violently die, but instead of going to heaven by “seeing the white light” at the end of some tunnel and meeting your dearly departed relatives, you suddenly awake as if you’ve just had some sort of extremely lucid dream. You are greeted by a number of your colleagues and friends casually sitting around you exclaiming, “Wasn’t that totally awesome!” You shake it off, and then realize that what you thought was living and experiencing the entirety of your life as a prolific famous person, was nothing more than an extremely realistic virtual simulation.

WGAW Registration Number: 1544111

The Pitch: Computer gaming technology in the near future will enable you to experience anything life has to offer via a true virtual reality. By purchasing a “scenario” you can plug-in, tune-out, and embark on a…

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