Poetry: Gravy Train Drip by Don Beukes

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Genre: Political

Implosion confusion citizens losin decay disruption fake faction no illusion anarchaic mismanagement they don’t dare say it but we know it misfed masses chew on promised molasses the need for upliftment infectious their leader his ravenous hounds their nemesis how to sweet talk this deepening the apocalyptic political gravy couldron abyss who to dismiss let’s fight this corrupt cancerous spasms deepen our country’s evolutionary chasm creating an ever widening crevasse how to deal with this the people first clench your fists in realisation the leaders plotting perfecting our damnation our rainbow nation infected false oracles elected wake from your sedated slumber or eternally regret it racial dischord still playing a dangerous note remove your visionary peel gather to once again cause our nation to heal allow the next generations to soar weed out the political flaw or would you welcome a future accusatory war? Time has long…

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