Writing Friends: Why It’s Important to Have Them and Where to Find Them

Vivian parkin Derosa

Hello, everyone! As many of you know, Camp Nanowrimo is in full swing. For those of you who don’t know what CampNano is, allow me to explain.

TYPE.gif What it should be like.

Formal Definition: Camp Nanowrimo is a an online competition where you try to complete a writing goal that you set for yourself.

FIRE.gif What it’s actually like.

What it’s actually like: FIRE AND CHAOS. WE WRITE SO FAST THERE IS SMOKE ON OUR KEYBOARDS. WE EDIT. WE SCREAM INTO THE ABYSS. Wait, isn’t editing just a scream into the abyss to begin with?

But anyway, one of my favorite parts of Camp Nano is how you’re sorted into cabins. This basically means that you get an awesome group of online writer friends so that the writing suffering is communal.

It got me thinking of how important writer friends are. We think of writing as a solitary activity, but having…

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