Conventions and Routines of Female Heroines [SPOILER ALERT]

Shifting Tides

Having received some great questions from my last blog post about how female heroines are portrayed on screen for either a movement or a trend, I was inspired to go more in depth about heroines on screen. Although I could not address all of the questions, I will attempt to cover the most interesting ones in this blog post, exploring more in depth of the character development of female heroines than the mere appearance. One of our co-writers wrote an excellent piece on black heroines on television that discusses black women on television with a different angle (although she does not call them “heroines”, they are in a sense that they are rebellious, breaking conventional rules and refuse to conform to what society deems “appropriate”).

One thing that I find these heroines have in common is that they all have a background story that involve parents planting a seed for…

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