Let’s Wrestle Out Gender Stereotypes!!

Bohemian's Diary

21st century it is!!!  Women today are leading a different lifestyle. They hold higher positions in various sectors, have different choices and are living an independent life. Yes, women are breaking the barriers and traveling towards a successful path. Definitely it is not that all easy to fight against the society to enter into this world. Aren’t we amazing? Of course we are!

We are evolving and changing with time but there’s one thing that has not changed with time “Gender stereotype”, yes!!! It exists even today. Stereotypical thinking forces women to behave the way society wants them to. This undermines women’s capacity to lead and she stays in her own zone.

Image result for breaking gender stereotypesHere are some common female stereotypes that most women face today in their everyday walks of life.

Judging a book by its cover: Throughout time, women have been put into categories based on the way they dress…

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