Interview with Festival Director Alex P. Michaels (Prelude2Cinemas)

Festival Reviews

The festival began as a monthly event created by Prelude2Cinema, a movie and marketing company. The goal was not just to screen movies from all over the world, but offer filmmakers a chance at distribution from the company. After four events, the festival decided a change of venue and a chance to regroup. In August 2017, the festival will relaunch with at least four events per year. The other thing that makes the event different is that there is live entertainment and food served at each event. We have had musicians, magicians and filmmakers interacting with the audience. By the end of the year, Prelude2Cinema presents… looks forward to offering funding for filmmakers.


Matthew Toffolo:What is your Film Festival succeeding at doing for filmmakers?

Alex P. Michaels: Prelude2Cinema presents… has given filmmakers more exposure and with a future chance for funding and distribution…

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