Feature Film: T.F.S.H. by Nikki James

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Written by: Nikki James

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Adventure

Logline: T.F.S.H. (truth finders sanctuary hospital) is a place where secret government studies take place, these studies are done on everyday civilians, these civilians are choosen because they either accidentally found the truth or they were exposed to the truth through their employment and they decided to investigate or share information about that truth, these civilians are referred to as T.F.’s (truth finders). Each floor of T.F.S.H. holds a different study that has it’s own story and characters, this story focuses on the new patient floor which is an introduction to all the other floors. There are four main characters that this story follows and the audience discovers T.F.S.H. through their eyes. These main characters unknown to themselves and the audience will never leave T.F.S.H (only transferred to different floors). No one ever leaves T.F.S.H. not even the staff.

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