Happy Birthday: Michael Biehn

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Michael BiehnBorn: July 31, 1956 in Anniston, Alabama, USA

Married to: Jennifer Blanc-Biehn (1 January 2015 – present) (1 child)
Gina Marsh (1 January 1988 – 2014) (divorced) (2 children)
Carlene Olson (11 July 1980 – 14 July 1987) (divorced) (2 children)

Well, I’m certainly not a tough guy. I like to think of myself as a good father. And somebody who enjoys his works,somebody who’s like…passionate…. passionate about his work. A little troubled, you know, I’ve had some problems in the past. I had a serious problem with alcohol for a number of years which I’ve overcome. But that was very difficult, ruined a couple of marriages and probably stunted my ‘carrier’ to a certain degree. But a human,you know. I’m just a human like everybody else. Flawed… but at the same time passionate about what I do.

(On his role in Hill Street Blues (1981)) That was a great…

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