Director BIO: Elaine Chu (Romance Film Festival)

Romance Film & Screenplay Festival - Submit your romance genre screenplay or short film and get it showcased at the FEEDBACK Film Festival

Short Film Played at the ROMANCE FEEDBACK Film Festival in Los Angeles (September 2017)

Director Biography

Img 0379 edit

Elaine Chu has directed commercial projects for Maker Studios and sketches for Funny or Die. She is also the Assistant Director of the award-winning horror film Excision, which premiered at Sundance. The Purgation, her first feature film as director, was picked up for distribution by Osiris Entertainment and can currently be found on Redbox, VOD + Digital. Elaine is originally from Wisconsin. She graduated from UC Berkeley and started working as a filmmaker in the Bay Area where her first gig was editing a documentary about beards.

Director Statement

Maneki-neko was a cathartic film for me. I wrote it after ending a ten year relationship and then jumping right into a toxic one. I wanted to make a film about the universal pain everyone goes through when a relationship dies. Most people suffer quietly…

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