Read Poetry: After the End, by Samantha K Collinson

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 The chains around my body
My eyes open, as I stir from
Sparks ignite from my forming
My bones begin to build my
skeletal frame.
I am becoming real once more.
I feel my lungs open up,
and my ribcage rise and fall;
as air fills my female form.
I feel my eyes twitch and my
nerves connect to my brain –
I can see.
I can feel Life’s flames all
The sky is blazing with the
World’s inferno.
It is finally time.
My bones rub together, as I
pull myself up.
I see ruin all around.
I see nothing and everything –
purged from Mother Nature.
Everything is upside down,
as I climb up the stairway;
towards the light.
Pure sunlight, beckoning me
I feel electrifying…

I am.


* * * *

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