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 No night
I sleep
with no fight.
First, with my eyelid
When mind demanding a closure.
Ma eyes still sighting
the curtains of the windows to my soul are on torture.
Tears fall slowly like blue jams.
Ears on my phones its slow jams.
Fears of getting lost here do comes.
Getting me lonelier than Akon.
My fouls bring darkness, the true light is gone.
Life becomes rightless, then left switches on.
Sin carry empty boxes, lure and illusion.
My white garment has gone dirty.
Selfishness is leading this party.
Trynna impress the world with its braggart.
I’m a lost soul in GREAT SPIRIT’s sight.
Heading back home if I only get lucky.
I won’t place it all, for sure I’m done blest.
LORD lead my soul, to Thy right path.
My prayer is no more, cuzThy know the right forth.
Let your angels rain me, blessings from up above.

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