1987 Movie Review: BABETTES FEAST, 1987

Festival Reviews

Classic Movie Review
Directed by Gabriel Axel
Starring Stéphane Audran, Birgitte Federspiel
Review by Cheryl Farr


Two spinster sisters who have chosen the austere life of service to others, cautiously take in Babette as a favor to be their servant. She gladly accepts the terms of no pay, only a place to stay and food to sustain her, for the opportunity to stay far from her previous home in Paris. The sisters teach her to prepare cod soaked in milk and stale bread, which Babette finds disgusting, but never complains. Over time, Babette learns the language of her Danish hosts, and learns to bargain with the locals for food. She helps the sisters serve the small sect of elderly worshippers year after year, until one day, she receives news that she has won the lottery in Paris. With a fortune of 10,000 francs, she can leave the…

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