1987 Movie Review: BARFLY, 1987

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Barfly, 1987
Classic Movie Review
Directed by Barbet Shroeder
Starring Mickey Rourke, Faye Dunaway and Frank Stallone
Review by Carey Lewis


A slice of life film about an admitted drunk and his adventure.


There was a time in the 80’s when Mickey Rourke was on his way to becoming the biggest movie star; if he wasn’t already at that status for a brief moment. It was in roles such as Barfly, Diner, The Pope of Greenwich Village, Nine and ½ Weeks, and Angel Heart that was showing his tremendous talent, and solidifying him as a Hollywood heavyweight with a bright future ahead of him. Then it all kind of fell apart.

But this is a review about the movie, not the man, and google will be your friend if you’d like to know the story about Mickey Rourke. Barfly is simply one of the films that you can…

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