Happy Birthday: Steve Guttenberg

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steveguttenberg.jpgSteve Guttenberg

Born: August 24, 1958 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA

[addressing the rumours of a Police Academy: Next Generation/Mahoney spin-off film] Definitely. It’s coming. People will look down at the idea, but they’re in the same business of making money too. The Police Academy (1984) films gave me so much opportunity, and I’ve got nothing but a good attitude towards them. I sure hope they do it. If the script’s right – I’m definitely in. You never know, I may direct.

dir. Franklin J. Schaffner
Gregory Peck
Laurence Oliviera

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One thought on “Happy Birthday: Steve Guttenberg”

  1. Happy Birthday Steve Guttenberg

    He was born in the Empire State
    In the city that’s always awake
    Many times he’s been seen
    On the silvery screen
    Very often portraying a flake

    When in high school he landed a part
    On Broadway, which got him his start
    In an acting career
    Spanning many a year
    Where he’s always been stylish and smart

    From New York he went west to L.A.
    Where a jury acquitted O.J.
    He played roles on TV
    For a nominal fee
    In a city of moral decay

    Pretty soon there were offers galore
    To make films both at home and offshore
    And for shitloads of money
    In films that were funny
    And some that we chose to ignore

    In Cocoon, as a fellow named Jack
    Steve displayed his remarkable knack
    And congenital wit
    In a box office hit
    Back when no one had heard of Iraq

    In Three Men and a Baby he played
    A young fellow in need of a maid
    When he lived with two chums,
    With no daughters or sons,
    Who adopted a mom and her babe

    But the role that defines his career
    And can still both amuse and endear
    Is a clown named Mahoney
    Who’s full of baloney
    And more than a tad cavalier

    So let’s wish Happy Birthday to Steve
    Who continues to live and to breathe,
    Unlike Prince, Dennis Hopper,
    Flip Wilson, Dan Blocker,
    Chris Farley and Christopher Reeve


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