Read Poetry: SLIPPERY MEAL, by C.P. Hickey

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 Like Tolkien’s Sméagol and Deagol,
Fighting for a ring,
I know two regal beagles,
That consume poop willingly.

Canines inclined,
With impassioned zeal,
Palates refined,
They never yield.

Gains, pains, and yellow stains.
My, how those pups do yearn.
Digging out fecal remains,
Yields the law of diminishing returns.

To some, unspeakable things.
There’s no way to dull it.
Saliva and Polly-O Pooh Strings,
Gliding down the gullet.

Wagging tails for slippery meals.
Who am I to judge?
What makes a puppy right as rain,
For chugging colon sludge?

I’ve tried to intervene at times,
Met only with low growls.
Dependent dog dispensary,
A store of empty bowels.

It takes a special vessel,
A superb specimen of daring.
A nugget to be wrestled.
There is no need for sharing.
Slip, slip, sliding.
No deposits on the lawn.
There’s no use in hiding,
The shit eating grins upon their maws.

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