Read Poetry: VAPE AWAY, by David E. Gates

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My journey is no longer one,
That goes from A to B.
Because I try avoiding those,
Who wish to vape at me.

Their sweet and sickly clouds of smoke,
That choke me to my core,
Contain untold and noxious shit,
That makes my eyes real sore.

By all means smoke yourselves to death,
Vape to an early grave,
But please breathe out the other way,
And then my lungs you’ll save.

Not blowing out your foul exhales,
Into my normal path.
Will stop my throat from getting sore,
And enable me to laugh.

Because I don’t want popcorn lung,
Nor your second-hand breath,
Please, exhale some other way,
So I can still cheat death.

* * *

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