Happy Birthday: Elliott Gould

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elliotgouldElliott Gould

Born: August 29, 1938 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA

(2013, on working with the Ocean’s Eleven cast) It was great. George Clooney is a fabulous guy. He’s very generous, lots of fun, very intelligent. And he set the tone. Brad Pitt was a terrific guy, and I became friendly with Matt Damon and… well, everyone, really. But I really picked up on Casey Affleck during the film. I called him “Maestro.” He bit his nails lower than I ever bit mine… and I used to bite mine to the quick! Originally, Alan Arkin was going to be playing the part that Carl Reiner played, but then Alan had some sort of medical situation and couldn’t do it, so we got Carl. Bernie Mac was a great guy, and we miss him. It was great working with Steven Soderbergh and Jeffrey Kurland, who did the wardrobe…

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