Read Poetry: A WIDOW’S STORY, by Terita Buchanan-Moore

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He was snatched from my grasp
In the blink of an eye
Tragically taken
By a thief in the night
My soulmate lost his life
In fifteen minutes
I became widowed
No longer a wife
Not by choice though
It was pure evil
Unleashed upon me and my family
Ten years later
Still in disbelief
When buried memories
Begin to surface like a vengeance
From my own remembrance
This past nightmare
Becomes a true reality
Of flashing frame shots
Stomach balled in knots
As I can sadly recall
The worst day of all
How I found him
Laying helplessly in a pool of blood
With gun residue
Scattered on his skin
In a state of shock
I mournfully watched
As my sister tried to revive him
I wish I could have turned back the clock
To the time when he was breathing
and standing right by my side
Alive and…

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