Read Poetry: In the Clearing, by Roxanne Rhoads

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Category- Sexy/Love

Chasing butterflies I found you in the clearing
bathed in sunlight soft and sweet
Willow wisp and grass lithe
your body was the rock that grounded me
Butterflies fluttered by
as I tasted your desire
wild on the air, thick as honey
I kissed your lips to ease your need
Nature stood sentinel around us
testament to beauty, love, creation
Keeper of primordial secrets
Guard of our private playground
Butterfly kisses and tongue tickling caresses
love made blissful in sunlight glow
More than just a roll in the hay
a union of souls in dewy morning grass
You touched my soul as I held your heart
Butterfly whimsy and childish delight,
laughter and love sounds broke the silence of the wood
Bare sweat and dew drenched limbs lay tangled in sun glow
Breathless bodies eventually parted
Full of joy and love soaked energy
Drunk off passion play

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