The Perks of Being A Book-Nerd | Going to The Movies

Lost In A Story

If you are in love with books, like I am, this can cause some awkward and funny situations. So I’ve compiled a list of a few situations (slightly dramatised, I must admit) that you might relate to as a book worm.

I was actually going to write a discussion today but I kind of forgot, so forgive me and enjoy this very different post! I did a similar one a few months ago which you can find here.

// The “Going to The Movie” Edition //

Other person: “Have you seen it? There’s a movie coming out, [name of movie]”
Me: “Isn’t that based on a book? I think I read it / heard of it.”
Other person: “Oh. I don’t know, I don’t read books.”
Me: *stares at other person in shock*

Other person: “Hey, do you want to go see [name of movie]?

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