Why Movies are So Important to Me


Movies are something I can’t imagine living without. They are so ingrained in me that they are almost lifeblood. OK, so that may be a bit of hyperbole, but still movies are special to me and always will be. This post is a very personal one for me to write because of how significant cinema is to me.

I can’t tell you when it was, but moving images have fascinated me for so long. There is a sort of magic to film that is difficult to articulate. It’s an immersive experience that can’t be rivaled and one that never gets old. Since I knew of cinema, my heart was pierced by its arrow into what is a fully fledged love.

There are many people I have to thank for their cinematic input in my life.

The first are my parents. My dad’s taste usually revolves around crime thrillers and true…

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