Read Poetry: Precious Little Girl, by Murna Safford

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Thick, intertwined tresses flow down her narrow back side.
She entered this world with her eyes open wide.
Beauty paled only by a graceful allure.
A precious, little girl of the world yet unsure.
Eyes of ebony, skin dewy smooth like honey.
People look at her as though she were the one funny.
Although she tried hard to keep a stiff upper lip.
The cruelty she endured oftentimes made her tongue slip.
At times they would quiver and her eyes would swell with tears.
Overcome with pain, and hurt had crippled her with fear.
She learned quickly but harshly to look the other way.
Bearing the pain of denial day after day.
Frumpy in appearance but undaunted away she goes.
Strength coming from places she doth not know.
Taking it, grasping it, at times she felt she had died.
“You can do this child!” A voice…

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