What success means to you!!

Beauty lies within yourself

When Ambition exceeds performance the gap is called Frustation. When performance exceeds Ambition the overlap is called Success!!

A common question to all the readers, What success means to you?

When I am alone, I often think on the term ‘success’ and what does it mean to me? It’s a very subjective term I believe and doesn’t mean the same to two different people. Every individual have their own aspirations and goals and depending upon it they define the term success. E.g. For an actor his films going good is a success and for a businessman his business running great. But one thing that is common and determines success is being happy.

In the course of life if you are not able to define the term success than it becomes even more challenging to become successful.

In life yo will face many obstacles!! People might through stones or criticise you…

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