Happy Birthday: W. Earl Brown

Festival Reviews

wearlbrown.jpgW. Earl Brown

Born: September 7, 1963 in Murray, Kentucky, USA

Married to:
Carrie Paschall (1 July 1989 – present) (1 child)

(On landing There’s Something About Mary) You know, you do this so long, and you get so much fucking rejection. And even when you get accepted, still there’s a caveat that you might get dumped. That was just one of those kismet things. I worked out at the gym with Lin Shaye. Gary Ushino was a camera assistant who had shot Scream and New Nightmare and Vampire In Brooklyn. Gary had been hired out for this miniseries I was doing called Bella Mafia, where Jennifer Tilly was my wife. We started making fun of the script, playing it tongue in cheek. The director loved it, because it gave some levity to the seriousness. I don’t want to say that we became the clowns, but our relationship was a…

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