Director BIO: Rahel Ilona Eisenring


Played at the September 2017 Film Festival

Director Biography


1978 born in Lucerne, Switzerland

lives and works in Lucerne

since 2005 self-employed and comissional work as illustrator and animator
among others for w.o.w animated television series at SWAMP Animation Studio Lucerne, die Gestalter St.Gallen, Helvetia Versicherungen, Heidiland, Women in Music Zürich, Lehrmittelverlag Kanton St.Gallen

part-time primary teacher, specialist subject teacher in Arts and Crafts, English, French

2001 – 2006 Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, faculty of Illustration, Diploma

2004 Universidad Católica de Valparaïso and Quinta Vergara, Escuela de Bellas Artes Viña del Mar, Chile

grant of the Canton of St.Gallen 2009
Chicago studio scolarship by the city of Lucerne 2007 – 2008
Eastern Switzerland‘s filmprize for shortfilm «im Gruene» 2006
honour of the city of Wattwil for the children‘s book «Sophie» (teaching diploma) 2000

Exhibitions and Filmscreenings:
various exhibitions with illustrations, installations and animated shortfilms in Switzerland…

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