Movie Review: UNTIL DEATH DO US PART, (USA, LGBT, Documentary)

Festival Reviews

Played at the August 2017 DOCUMENTARY Short Film Festival

by Kierston Drier

Directed by Kristine Kirchmeier, Until Death Do Us Part, is a remarkable short documentary hailing from the USA chronicling the harrowing story of newlyweds Megan and Danielle and their battle with cancer. Only two days before their wedding, Megan is diagnosed with stage four cancer.

What follows in story about two incredibly brave people- made brave by the power of love. Faced with a world of uncertainty, turmoil and potential tragedy, Megan and Danielle show startlingly level-headed composure. Perhaps nothing captures their spirits better than Danielle’s confession to Megan,  “I love you, you idiot. You’re my person.”

What makes Until Death Do Us Part a special piece, is that as a documentary film, it  acknowledges the struggle, concern and desperation of dealing with illness while still showcasing the remarkable resilience of both these women. We see examples…

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