Thriller/History TV SHOW: RANGERS PROGENITORS OF FREEDOM, by Timothy Kestrel

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Title: RANGERS – Progenitors of Freedom

Written by: Timothy Kestrel


Genre: History, Thriller, Drama

Logline: After his attempts to escape from the American colonies fail, a young orphan woodsman Finn finds himself trapped in a remote frontier fort surrounded by troubled people with dark secrets during the French & Indian War.

Synopsis: “Finn Morton, reminiscing from extreme old age, narrates his adventures as a young man in the early, gritty days of the fledgling country. His eyewitness account unfolds behind-the-scenes workings that shaped an empire in the making. His memories bring forth the depths of love, freedom, greed, and loyalty, and offer a rare vantage point of crucial times in this country’s coming of age. His stories are at once thrilling, illuminating, and heartbreaking.

The RANGERS – Progenitors of Freedom is a story about people trying to make a living on a lawless frontier against the backdrop…

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