Action/Detective Feature Film: PAEDOCRACY, by Keith Piner

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ACTORTitle: Paedocracy

Written by: Keith Piner

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Action

Logline: Five years after kids were abducted in a small Oregon town, the retired lead detective finds himself back on the case after receiving a mysterious phone call stating that the kidnappings were starting again.

Synopsis: Two boys stagger through the dark desert night. TOMMY MATTHEWS, a 19-year old looks years older than his age. The second, ADAM SHORTLEY, 12-years old, clothes are worn and tattered.

Before the night is over, Adam will have been killed and Tommy will have escaped. Only to promise himself that Adam will not have died in vain.

Present Day, Marshall, Oregon. Recovering alcoholic and Retired Police Detective, ERIC RYAN, sits in a bar when a news reports airs regarding missing child Adam Shortley. Ryan spent most of the last five years searching for another missing child, MICHAEL MONSON, who was the first of…

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