Action/Horror Feature Film: NECROMANCER, by Christopher Sorensen

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Title: Necromancer 

Written by: Christopher Sorensen

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Horror, Action, Fantasy

Logline: A once powerful Greek general will become mankind’s only hope for survival as he is paired up with his nemesis, and arch enemy the Necromancer. Both must overcome their hatred, and long rivalry if they are to save the earth from a long forgotten, and ancient god.

Synopsis: Twenty thousand years before man started to delve into the unknown using magic there was a world beyond imagination. The Underworld. A world with humanoid like creatures who lives in perpetual darkness, and magic as their ally. Among these nocturnal life forms are the necromancers. A species of vast, and powerful standing among the more lower castes. Able to call upon the darkness using very mystic, and often devastating results these necromancers can conjure up the dead for their befitting roles as the masters of the night. Although…

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