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No, no. This post isn’t about humorous quotes. Its about me making fun of overly sentimental quotes that I came across yesterday while researching a quote for a piece I was writing.

I don’t know why I was like this. Maybe I was exhausted and worried about my daughter’s recovery, or about the burnt lunch, or the fact that I had heaps of backlog at work. But I didn’t stop at one quote. I kept going. And this post was the result.

Enjoy folks 😀

PicsArt_09-07-05.34.13 Image Credits: Pinterest

Remember when you gave up on a book because the first few chapters were horrible? Yeah, that right there spells death for a writer.

PicsArt_09-07-06.45.30 Image Credits: My Commonsensical Life

Oh sorry. Did you mean that figuratively?

PicsArt_09-07-06.47.34 Image Credits: Nar Over

Block who? The sun, the view, bullies, negative people, the cow brigade. Can’t you be specific?

PicsArt_09-07-02.33.59 Image Credits: Pinterest

Playing hard to…

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