Died Today (September 22nd): George C. Scott (1927–1999)

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georgecscottGeorge C. Scott (1927–1999)

Born: October 18, 1927 in Wise, Virginia, USA
Died: September 22, 1999 (age 71) in Westlake Village, California, USA

Married to: Trish Van Devere (14 September 1972 – 22 September 1999) (his death)
Colleen Dewhurst (4 July 1967 – 2 February 1972) (divorced)
Colleen Dewhurst (1960 – 1965) (divorced) (2 children)
Patricia Reed (1 March 1955 – 5 June 1960) (divorced) (2 children)
Carolyn Hughes (30 August 1951 – 1 January 1955) (divorced) (1 child)

[when asked for suggestions on how to judge acting] I have three tests. First, which dominates, the character or the actor? With very few exceptions it should be the character. Second, on film – as opposed to stage – we’re pretty much playing basic emotions: love, anger, fear, pity. So the trick is whether you can come up with any fresh choices to present these common emotions. Third – and this…

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