Characteristics of a Writer

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A couple of writing pals of mine once got into a debate over whether to characterize a mutual friend as a writer. She penned a novel-length journal of her summers with her grandmother. She had no intention of publishing the material or sharing it with anyone. She merely wanted to record those memories somewhere safe, unspoiled, and permanent.

One of my pals didn’t consider her a writer because she wasn’t interested in improving her work via sharing it with others or taking writing courses. My other friend said writing was her hobby and that made her a writer, regardless of quality.

Personally, I think the woman in question is indeed a writer.

Characterizations of a writer include the effort and nature of your writing process. Writers fall on a spectrum between Exploratory and Intentional. Read this post to learn what qualities determine the kind of writer you are!

What makes a writer?

We need to be a little more careful in the assumption that all writers want to be published or want to share their work. Someone who dabbles in a flower garden in her backyard…

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