Died Today (September 25th): Walter Pidgeon (1897–1984)

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walterpidgeon.jpgWalter Pidgeon (1897–1984)

Born: September 23, 1897 in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Died: September 25, 1984 (age 87) in Santa Monica, California, USA

I was called to [Louis B. Mayer]’s office to discuss a long-term contract he wanted me to sign. He told me he had been impressed by my work at other studios and that he felt I would be an asset to MGM. He peered at me over his glasses and suggested I tell him about myself. I started by saying I came from New Brunswick. “That’s in Canada”, I added. “I know where New Brunswick is”, said Mayer rather snippy. “Where in New Brunswick were you born?” “Saint John”, I replied. Mayer jumped to his feet and thumped on his desk. “Young man”, he shouted, “you can’t influence me with lies like that. Who told you to say you came from Saint John?” Finally I quietened…

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