Read Poetry: Terrain Terrific, by Sujoy Bhattacharya

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Toughness lightens your voluptuous jaws
with monstrous hunger
to engulf human edifice of excellent creation .
could you maintain silky softness behind your stony of
ruthlessness ?
The sky above watches with tears of reprimanding
your crafty games you play to toy with the flimsy effort of
human beings-
helpless puppet to the capricious whims of your
restless nature .
Molten saps of petrified dynasties running
through your crevices –
whisper the incantation to revive the
dormant fossils awaiting for quenching its thirst for solar
radiation .
Your crude cajoling for witnessing human molestation
by your retinue ,
confer wooing suffering to earthly beings .
Poets and writers invest
on your infatuating aspects to reap golden crops .
You are a menacing medley of both creation and annihilation.
Your bridal attraction , your enchanting enigma
allure people to attend the
feasting ceremony you arrange to trap your victims…

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