The Five Stages of Filmmaking (Ch. 3)

The GWU Film Critic

Moneymaking is the major part of the Hollywood filmmaking machine. After all, it is a business. And, while it’s true that some films are still created for the “art of cinematic experiences,” today, those “art films” are few and far between. Most of those types of films will only be seen on festival circuits, indie TV, online, in limited release, or in art house cinemas.

illustration-of-lumiere-film-136395144099203901-141223162640Today, it really is mostly about the “art of the dollar.” While some film aficionados will cry for the days of the “true art form” revival again, I’d like to remind them that money has been a part of the cinema nearly since it’s inception. On December 18, 1895, the Lumière brothers offered the first public screening of a film in Paris to 35 audience members. The cost was one franc a person (approximately 20 cents), and about 28 days later the Brothers were earning…

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