1997 Movie Review: LAWN DOGS, 1997

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LAWN DOGS (1997)
Clascic Movie Review
Directed by John Duigan
Starring Mischa Barton, Sam Rockwell
Review by Russell Hill


A young family move into an upmarket housing area, hoping to climb up the social ladder. Their daughter does not share her parents’ ambition and, instead of making friends with someone her own age, befriends a shy gardener.


Almost unrecognisable from her role in The O.C., Mischa Barton here gives a matured performance for such a young person of only eleven years of age. Ably supported by Sam Rockwell, it seems at times that he is the star of the film, not Barton, and certainly relishes in what was his break-through role. Upon discussing this film with my loved ones, they didn’t even know this film existed! Such lack of acknowledgement should be rectified.

I guess you could say that Devon (Barton) is our protagonist, but then again…

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