Are Modern Horror Movies More Gory Than Scary?

Michael D. Turashoff


A majority of modern day horror movies seem to be in a competition with each other to create the most disgusting and bizarre mutilations of the human body ever seen. It can almost be guaranteed there will come a point where they will just plain run out of ideas. Maybe then they will have to go back to actually scaring people.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with a good slasher flick and, of course, to each their own. I’m also not pretending to be a professional movie critic, nor am I saying that my opinions reflect the general public.


However, you have to agree that most horror filmmakers could just throw some ground beef and a few buckets of fake blood around and call it a “Horror Movie”. One of my favorite horror flicks of all time is a film called The Exorcist, maybe you’ve heard of…

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