Read Poetry: Surrender, by Sujoy Bhattacharya

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Fearlessness was instigating me to dip into the
 den of devil’s dungeons . I slapped my indolence
 to get up from the cozy lap of procrastination
and yawning out lethargic worms , I got ready to
 step my reluctant strides forward beyond the
fortified threshold . Two spiders stopped webbing
 to give a derisive look aglow with mockery .
 A blind bat thanked me with a floppy flap of its wings .
 The flowers in in the roadside park were dangling
dizzily to foster me in my stupendous expedition .
 I was going to steal for the first time in my life .
It was a heinous offer from my ladylove to steal her
virginity before marriage .  I was a bit hesitant to nod
to her proposal . She  cleated my mind with infallible
logic and I consented . My trembling legs were cursing
my body . The wind…

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