The Voiceover Project

Mr. Gooder's Classes

I wish Morgan Freeman could narrate my life... I wish Morgan Freeman could narrate my life…

Essential Questions:

  • What are the possible ways words and images can interact to tell a story?
  • How can voice over narration be used as a storytelling device in film?
  • What mode of voiceover narration best fits a particular character and plot?


  • Complete a 3 – 6 minute narrative short film by the end of the quarter
  • Produce a film with advanced sound and picture quality
  • Work with Colonial Sound to record original foley effects and a narrative voiceover; if inclined, produce and original music score.
  • Work with a crew of 2-4

Steps: (with your crew)

  1. Identify crew positions (and duties) for pre-production, production (shooting) and post production (editing).
  2. Write a voiceover script or a screenplay (in screenplay format)
  3. Draw a storyboard to go with the script
  4. Pre-produce the film:
    1. Cast actors
    2. Find locations
    3. Schedule voiceover session and shoot dates
  5. Record a…

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