Director’s BIO: Tia Ayers and Shannon Ayers Swanson (FIRM WITH PURPOSE)

FEEDBACK Female Film Festival

Short Film playing at the November 2017 FEMALE FEEDBACK Film Festival

Director Biography

Af483e1bd5 headshot

Tia Ayers and Shannon Ayers Swanson are creators, directors, producers and co-founders of the production and development company Borndreamer.

Together, Tia and Shannon develop and produce content with a focus on comedy. They currently have several original projects in development, from web shorts to feature films.

Prior to forming their partnership, Tia directed several short films that played at festivals around the country. She also co-wrote a Lifetime movie with her mom and was a writer and supervising producer of all 26 episodes of “Raising Expectations”, a family comedy for Canadian television. Shannon was at Abominable Pictures, where she produced several pilots, presentations and eight episodes of the series Filthy Preppy Teens for Full Screen Media.

They both got their start as performers. Tia studied and performed sketch comedy at Second City, IOWest, the Groundlings and…

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