Interview with Festival Director Alessandro Cassa (FICMAN/INSFF)

Festival Reviews

What is FICMAN/INSFF in a few words ? 12 months. 12 finalists. 1 great winner! Filmmakers, get noticed! FICMAN / INSFF is an international film festival and LIVE screening for Short film. Be part of this one of a kind festival for shorts lovers, and give your film and your talent a chance to be shown and noticed by the right people from all over the world.  FICMAN / INSFF is produced by Productions du 3 juin, a company from Québec (Canada) recognized internationally. Since 2007,Productions du 3 juin has focused on production (videos, short films and promotional documentaries) for various renowned clients. This creative company is recognized internationally and followed by people from 47 countries on its WEBTV (P3J.TV) and VIMÉO PRODUCTIONS DU 3 JUIN channel. To celebrate its 15 years in 2017, it has founded the FICMAN International Short Film Festival, in which it excels…

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One thought on “Interview with Festival Director Alessandro Cassa (FICMAN/INSFF)”

  1. This is a very nice interview. I think the festival is very well described.
    As we are named in the article, I wanted to let you know who we were at Le Petit Septième. Our website is in French, but we also have a mobile app in English.
    You can find the Android version here :


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