(Ch. 6) Tips from Film Actors

The GWU Film Critic

“Acting for film is nothing more than reacting. You react to another person, your environment, or your situation. It’s that easy.” –Earl Owensby, Film producer, director, actor

michaelcaine-160279Oscar winner Michael Caineoffered an acting workshop for the BBC, here are ten tips from that workshop for any film actor:

1) When speaking to an actor off-camera, look into one eye and stick with it.eddie

2) Film acting is, in large part, reacting and listening.

3) While rehearsing something with a fellow actor, if a crew member can come up and recognize you’re rehearsing vs. having a real conversation, then you aren’t doing it right.

4) An actor relaxes in front of the camera by concentrating, and knowing that you have no enemies on set, everyone’s on your side and doing their best to make you look your best for the movie.

5) The camera catches everything you do, so don’t…

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