Read Poetry: FRUSTRATION, by Patricia Marvin

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Our souls and Spirits long for the justice that is due

So long we’ve wanted to believe that Injustice would not prevail

Why  does looking at my skin cause YOU such distress; the urge to kill

Then it hit me like rocks from an avalanche

It’s not the color of my skin but what’s beneath that makes you unhinged

Brilliant minds shaped from a long line of kings and queens

Original creators of creating all of what you see, not all credited to our ancestors as it should be

We were beaten, whipped, hung, set on fire and drowned just to name a few of your injustices that tried to keep us down

With resilient spirits and determination we fought back through sit-ins, picket lines, water hoses and baton beatings

Your continued injustices we survived but like ashes we rise

Like pesticides used to kill weeds you use drugs and…

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