This fall, it’s time to write, write, and write!

What Inspires Your Writing?

When it comes to fall writing challenges, you have options. One, of course, is the famous NaNoWriMo?the 50,000-word marathon that takes place in November.

The other is the ChapterBuzz 10K Social Writing Challenge, which takes place in October and prides itself on?and is actually named for?its lower word count target: 10,000 words.

But what is a “social” writing challenge?

It’s one where you’ll get to know other writers, read each other’s stories, and even help each other out by giving feedback and constructive criticism.

Focusing on just 10,000 words will help you polish up your prose, tighten up your narrative, and better develop your characters. It’s like laying a foundation: when your first 10,000 words are rock solid, the rest of your story will be much easier.

10,000 new words, a new sense of possibility for your novel, and even some new friends who, like you, are up-and-coming authors.

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