Author Alec Nevala-Lee on Writing and Blogging Every Day


As some writers may have experienced last month during challenges like NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo, writing and blogging daily takes discipline. Consider Alec Nevala-Lee, who publishes five hundred words each day across a wide range of topics, from art to writing to popular culture. As a longtime reader of Alec’s blog, I’m inspired by his daily habit and his practical approach to the craft.

Here, we chat about writing, blogging, and building a lasting home on

In your inaugural post five years ago, you said your blog would focus on the process of writing, the novel, as well as art and culture. It’s great to see you’ve not strayed from this. Has this approach to your blog been successful? How has it — and how have you — evolved along the way?

Author Alec Nevala-Lee Author and blogger Alec Nevala-Lee.

It’s funny to admit this now, after I’ve been blogging on a daily basis for…

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