6 Radical 90’s Movie Characters

radical_90s_characters_characters.jpgMovies thrive on archetypes: typical characters with easily identifiable traits that work as a sort of shorthand for what these characters are and what they’re all about. Whether it’s the villain with a large brow and piercing eyes that dresses all in black and speaks in a threatening monotone or a fun-loving party dude that wears a Hawaiian shirt and has a nickname like “Kegger,” these archetypes exist so audiences can figure out just by how they look and within a few lines know exactly who this character “is” without delving into long back stories or exposition.

Animal House 1Every decade, it seems, codifies new archetypes to fit in with the culture and prevailing styles of the time. Whether or not these characterizations were absolutely true representations was besides the point: they are exaggerated caricatures rather than detailed portraits. Depictions of hippies in the 60’s could be picked out for their long…

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