Director’s BIO: Holly Voges

FEEDBACK Female Film Festival

Short Film playing at the November 2017 FEMALE FEEDBACK Film Festival

Director Biography

Holly voges director photo

Holly worked as a programmer and liaison for various film festivals around the country including: True/False, Sundance, Tribeca and Rooftop. Prior to this she experimented with stop- motion animation and collaborated with VR artist, Oscar Raby, on a short documentary. In 2016 Holly, along with her creative partners, purchased the rights to the novel “The Changeling”, by Joy Williams. FELL is an adapted excerpt from the novel and her directorial debut. Originally from Missouri, Holly currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Director Statement

FELL is based on one paragraph within Joy Williams’ novel “The Changeling” but to me, this small paragraph carries great weight. A woman discovers the pups her dog has birthed posses incomprehensible powers; they can change from animal to human form. Preferring the children over the dogs, she does what she believes will make it…

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