Read Poetry: LORD MANDERBEEL, by Dale Clement

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Epic Gothic tale
A somewhat artist friend of mine asked me stately meet to dine

And sure enough without no quiver a horse drawn carriage had delivered

Me from ones abode so cold draped my shoulders cloak of bold

And unsurprised by candle light the carriage master cracked a strike

The two strong steeds did quickly carry

My bones and skin were yet to marry

Over cobbled roads then tracks

The city lights had faded black

Snorting nostrils flailed saliva

Relentless whip cracks braced the driver

Headlong fast grazed open fields

We race toward Lord Manderbeels

As two makes one as one makes right it often takes the chance that might

We share alone our own appraisal and fortune dine at others tables

When chance arose and of thine breast a nervous beating filled my chest

As if…

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