Interview with Screenwriter Heath Harris (RED)

Matthew Toffolo's Summary

October 2017 Winning Short Screenplay Writer.

What is your screenplay about?

Red is about a family of three that goes to spend Christmas in a secluded cabin, cut off from the world. The husband, John and his wife, Natalie are having marital issues and Christmas Eve goes from bad to worse as tensions rise. Natalie puts their young son, Damien to bed. He is woken up during the night to find that his mother is missing. John tells Damien to go back to sleep so Santa doesn’t find him. John tells Damien to close his eyes immediately if he sees Santa otherwise Santa will be very angry. Damien, after peering out of his window, sees a figure carrying a sack outside, and excitedly runs out to meet Santa Claus. Damien finds the sack to be containing his mother’s dead body. As John approaches, covered in her red blood, Damien instantly…

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